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ide for testing JDK 7 features (Milestone 5: Build b76)

Sun has published milestone 5 (b76) of the upcoming Java JDK 7. JDK 7 release is currently scheduled for September 2010. My standard IDE is eclipse but the current production version 3.5 SR 1 support only Java up to JDK 6. I tried the new eclipse e4 1.0 milestone 2 (status: technical preview) which has JDK support up to JDK 7. You can define a JDK 7 as new JRE and create a new Java project with that JRE and compiler compliance level JDK 1.7. According to Joseph Darcy from SUN is a developer build of Netbeans available with support for JDK 7. I tested with code from CertPal which includes several features of JDK 7. Eclipse e4 still complain about compiler errors but the developer build of netbeans can compile and run the sample code. Check in netbeans under tools -> Java platform the availability of JDK 7 and create a new java project. Set in the java project under properties the source/binary format to jdk 1.7 (sources tab) and choose as java platform JDK 1.7 (libraries tab). On OpenJDK is a overview of the current implemented features of JDK 7 in the M5 version. Mark Reinhold from sun blogs as well about the new features. A more complete list of features which was formerly planned shows Alex Miller in his blog.