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Samsung Galaxy S2 with vodafone firmware 2.3.5 and no gps…

I had recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 via Kies to Android 2.3.6 with vodafone branding. So far seems to be all working but GPS based Apps fails because of missing satellite fix. Looking around at twitter i found one tweet and with this several forums:

Vodafone UK

Android Hilfe (german)

Vodafone Germany (german): 1 / 2

The short term solution is to install the “GPS Test” app from the market and do the following steps:

  1. Hold the power button  (optional)
  2. Disable data transfer (optional)
  3. Enable GPS
  4. Start GPS Test
  5. Go to settings
  6. Push “Clear AGPS” button
  7. Push “Update AGPS” button
  8. Press home button
  9. Start GPS based app like Google Maps…
Vodafone UK had a seperate topic to notify customers with updates to the problem.
Other solution for vodafone customers is to root their phone, make an debranding and update to latest official firmware without any guarantee. SGS2 without branding seems to be not affected by that bug.
Update 03.12.2011:
Vodafone fixed the bug on server/provider side. Seems to be now working.





Looking for iphone apps in the android market

I’m recently switched from Iphone 3GS to Samsung Galaxy SII. About 119 Apps was on the Iphone installed from the Apple itunes market store. Google android market contains  less of half of it:

Looking around in the Android market i find the following new apps: