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Chrome OS 0.4.237 beta under vmware server 2.x

A beta version of Chrome OS is available as VMX/VMDK image for vmware or virtualbox and live cd. Chrome OS is a OpenSuSe based operating system around the Google Chrome browser.

Steps to test VM image of chrome os beta

  1. Download VMDK image
  2. Extract tar.gz File to standard folder of vmware
  3. Start vmware server
  4. Choose from “Virtual machine” menu “add Virtual machine to inventory”
  5. Choose VMX file inside extracted image of chrome os
  6. Upgrade Virtual machine to newest “hardware” by choosing link on right side from the vm summary page
  7. Remove Network Connection from VM and Add new one with “Add Hardware” and type “Network Adapter” with “Nat” mode
  8. Boot VM and cornfirm warning about IDE geometry and scsi controller
  9. Click on “Make Goggle chrome default browser” and confirm dialog
  10. Click on computer button (down left side) and click under status on network connection
  11. Enter root password: root
  12. confirm warning about network manager with ok
  13. Choose under “Global Options” network setup method “traditional method with ifup”
  14. Go to “Overview” tab and click on “edit” button below
  15. click on “next” button
  16. go back to “global options” and change back to “user controlled with networkmanager”
  17. Reboot machine by clicking on computer and shutdown with type reboot
  18. After reboot you can surf with google chrome without any problem