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VPN Connection from Ubuntu 13.04 to AVM Fritzbox

Pre Requisites

Install Cisco compatible VPN Client with

sudo apt-get install vpnc network-manager-vpnc network-manager-vpnc-gnome


  • Login into your Fritzbox as admin
  • Go to System -> Fritzbox Users
  • Click on the edit icon from one of your users
  • Check the VPN Checkbox
  • Click on the Link in the last line for showing the VPN settings
  • Leave the Popup with the settings open


  • Click on the Connections Menu icon in the toolbar on top
  • Go to VPN Connections -> Configure VPN
  • Click on Add Button at the right side
  • Choose from the list under VPN the Cisco compatible VPN client type
  • Click on create button
  • Enter the following values (<Ubuntu>: <Fritzbox>)
    • Connection Name : Fritzbox
    • Gateway: <Server Adress>
    • User Name: <IPSec Identifier>
    • User Password :<User Password>
    • Group Name: <IPSec Identifier>
    • Group Password: <IPSec Pre-Shared Key>
  • Set the Password Option to “Saved” (optional)
  • Click on save button
  • Cut the cable connection if established
  • Establish a mobile connection
  • Choose from VPN menu the new created VPN connection
  • Try accessing the Fritzbox web interface with your favorite browser