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Using Vaadin Eclipse Plugin under Win7 x64

  1. Download and extract Eclipse x32
  2. Download and extract jboss 7.1
  3. Download and install Java JDK x32
  4. Open eclipse.ini and set path to jvm.dll

    C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jdk1.7.0_21/jre/bin/server/jvm.dll

  5. Download and install xulrunner from sourceforge
  6. Start Eclipse
  7. Go to help menu -> install new software
  8. Enter “” in “work with” field and hit enter
  9. Click checkbox beside vaadin
  10. Click next button to start installation
  11. Restart eclipse
  12. Open server view
  13. Right click and new => server
  14. click on “Download Additional server adapters”
  15. Choose jboss as and install
  16. Restart eclipse
  17. Open server view
  18. Right click and new => server
  19. Choose jboss as 7.1
  20. Hit next
  21. Choose extracted jboss dir from step 2 as home directory
  22. hit finish
  23. In the project explorer hit right mouse menu and choose new project
  24. Choose vaadin 7 project
  25. Enter Project Name and hit finish
  26. Open right mouse menu “add and remove” on the jboss inside server view
  27. add new project with add button and hit finish
  28. start server
  29. right mouse click on the project and choose “run as” => “run on server”
  30. Choose jboss and hit finish
  31. browser will shown with your first vaadin app
  32. hit “click me” button to see if all works

Visual Designer is available if you create a “Vaadin composite” in your project.
Make sure the new file is open in the “vaadin editor”. Switch to the design tab.